Publisher and artist pursues dream of bringing back publication – nationally

23 09 2014

David F. Heatwole, the publisher of The Main ARTery magazine has launched a website that spells out his local, state, national and International vision.  Part of the National Vision is to bring back The Main ARTery magazine that was a major passion for the art promoter.  To raise the funds to be able to bring this vision to life the artist is selling 30,000 works of art in the form of personalized 1 million dollar “Reality Checks.”   Each check is to be an original work of art, customized per purchasers request and signed by the artists.  So far the artist has not started to market the campaign as of yet but is generating interest and pre-sales.  If you were a fan of the magazine and want to see Heatwole bring it back to life visit and buy your check today.

Was, still is, and always will be…

16 05 2009

So, by now those of you that know of The Main ARTery publication must know that there hasn’t been a new issue out since the Oct/November 2008 issue and there won’t be another one for sometime.  However, please know that this isn’t over.  When The Main ARTery comes out again it will come back with force.  Please come back once in awhile to this blog to see what new news I might have for The Main ARTery and the arts in the Quad-state region of West Va, Md, Pa, and Va.

More great things for the arts in West Virginia and surrounding communities soon on it’s way so stay tuned!

Artfully Yours,

David F. Heatwole  (



17 11 2008

Hello, you puzzle freaks!  We apologize for the error in this issue’s clues for Lisa Linn’s CrissCross Challenge.  We were notified by one of the puzzle’s fans that we left out a whole set of clues and duplicated another in its place.  So, here are the clues for you to download and print out.

Clues "3 Down" for the October - December puzzle.


It’s coming! Our Oct-Dec Issue is late but it’s GREAT!

30 10 2008

That’s right folks for the first time this issue is late late later than usual!  But it is a good one, so please be merciful!  Wait til you see what we have in store for you.  Prepare to get MENTAL or at least MORE MENTAL than your usual state.  We are excited to tell you that we have one hell of a cover for you thanks to the crazy art of Stephen Blickenstaff of Frederick Maryland.  GET READY TO VISIT YOUR LOCAL STORES where you pick up the paper.

TMA Volume 2 Issue 5

20 10 2007
TMA Volume 2 Issue 5

TMA Volume 2 Issue 5

TMA Volume 2 Issue 4

20 08 2007
TMA Volume 2 Issue 4 2007

TMA Volume 2 Issue 4 2007

TMA Volume 2 Issue 3

30 06 2007
TMA Volume 2 Issue 3 2007

TMA Volume 2 Issue 3 2007

TMA Volume 2 Issue 2

30 04 2007
TMA Volume 2 Issue 2

TMA Volume 2 Issue 2


17 02 2007
TMA Volume 2 Issue 1
TMA Volume 2 Issue 1

This Issue of The Main ARTery was specially dedicated to John L. Heatwole the late father of TMA publisher David F. Heatwole.  John passed away a few months prior to this issue coming out and with the help of Lisa Linn Arroniz, David honored his memory and talents in this issue.
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