About The Main ARTery

Who we are:
The Main Artery (TMA) is the Transcendental Arts Council’s “journal of creativity”.  The Main ARTery is staffed with independent editors and writers from the Quad-State area of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Meet some of the talented individuals who are working with TAC to promote the arts through The Main ARTery in the Meet The Press section of our website.

What we do:
The Main Artery is currently a bi-monthly periodical featuring interviews with creative people from all walks of life, reports on the impact of the arts on people and communities, in-depth articles about fine art, and inside tours of studios and galleries. Also, when you visit this “modern day museum” built with walls of pulp and glue – not brick and mortar – you’ll hear poetry, fictional short stories and excerpts from authors’ manuscripts.

Why do we do it:
The Main Artery’s mission is to promote the vision and talent of your local arts community – celebrating the creative nature of humanity. In each edition, we strive to bring the work of these amazing individuals out of their studios and into your life through entertainment, education and information.

How we do it:
The Main Artery is wholly funded by your generous support. You can support our mission to expand the reach of the arts within our community by purchasing a subscription or advertising in our publication.


One response

5 11 2011

I enjoyed reading issues of your magazine paper years ago, and enjoyed meeting Marcia Ruth at the Shepherd College showing of “Trailer Trash”. Best of luck to those who produced this public endorsement of art in our area.

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